Many New Yorkers have experienced a slip and fall and know that it’s no laughing matter. Depending on how a person falls, he or she can suffer broken bones, back and neck injuries and head trauma. These injuries can cause permanent damage to one’s body. A woman alleges that she suffered permanent injuries after falling in a local department store.

The West Virginia woman is suing Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Inc. for the slip-and-fall injuries she suffered while shopping there in June 2013. The exact amount of money she is seeking is unknown, but she hopes to be adequately compensated for past and future medical expenses as well as court costs.

During her visit to the store, the woman required assistance hauling a large truck. An employee placed the truck on a cart and while pushing it, he stopped suddenly. The abrupt stop caused the customer, who was walking behind the cart, to slip and fall. The incident caused serious injuries that will require lifelong medical treatment.

In most slip and fall cases, a person slips on water, debris or other slippery substance. In this case, however, a woman was walking behind an employee pushing a cart. Is the store still at fault simply because the employee stopped — possibly to avoid hitting a customer or display in the store?

Most likely, yes, the store can still be held liable for the customer’s injuries. Store owners and employees have a duty to keep customers safe while they are on their premises. They must always be aware of potentially dangerous conditions and ensure that the safety of the employee is the top priority.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Woman files slip-and-fall suit against Ollie’s” Melody Dareing, Jun. 24, 2014