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Victims of child sexual abuse deserve justice, but many cases previously fell outside the statute of limitations. With the New York Child Victims Act, these victims may finally get justice.

Key components of the New York Child Victims Act include:

  • Actionable misconduct includes sexual assault and negligence
  • New age cutoff for filing sex abuse claims (after the window) is 55 years old
  • Notice of claim requirement (for municipal defendants) is removed within the one-year window
Compassionate and Aggressive Advocates for Victims of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can have devastating and lifelong ramifications for the victim. Victims of sexual abuse often suffer ongoing psychological, emotional and physical trauma, and may live with fear, PTSD, depression, substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, disassociation, panic attacks, sleep disorders and many other adverse consequences.

Though anyone can be subject to sexual abuse, all victims have one thing in common: vulnerability. At Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C., we serve as the voice for individuals who feel they have been robbed of theirs. We hold wrongdoers accountable for all the harms they inflict on others, even when the scars are invisible. If you or a loved one is the victim of sexual abuse, choose to remain silent no longer. Let our team serve as your voice in the pursuit of justice and compensation.

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Sexual Predators

Sexual predators who target children are often someone the child knows, and they are frequently people the child views as a figure of authority at school, in religious or community organization or with sports teams. It can take years for victims of child sexual abuse to be able to deal with the trauma, and the impact of the abuse lasts forever. Child sexual abuse can impact every aspect of a victim’s life, and the effects can be long lasting and devastating.

At Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C., our team of sexual abuse attorneys will aggressively prosecute the predators and organizations that facilitate the abuse while showing compassion to our clients and fighting for their right to redress, justice and some closure. We will do everything we can to help you and your loved ones get financial compensation from the individuals and organizations who harmed them.

Common Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse

Sexual predators prey on vulnerability and trust. As a result, perpetrators of sexual violence are the people one least expects, and victims are usually children, women and the elderly. Though perpetrators of rape are often serial criminals, sexual abuse offenders typically know and have an intimate relationship with their victims. According to RAINN, 93% of child sexual abuse victims knew the perpetrator:

  • 59% were acquaintances
  • 34% were family members
  • 7% were strangers

More than half of all abusers are over the age of 30. In jail settings, 60% of sexual violence cases are committed by jail staff.

The Burden of Proof in Sexual Abuse Cases

In a criminal sexual abuse case, plaintiffs must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the abuse occurred. However, in civil cases, the burden of proof is less stringent, and victims must only prove beyond a preponderance of evidence that the abuse occurred. What this means is that the plaintiff must prove that there is greater than a 50% chance the claim is true. Victims have a greater chance of doing this by presenting the following:

  • Medical records.
  • Witness statements.
  • Police reports.
  • Text messages.
  • Photos and Video footage.
  • DNA evidence.

In many sexual abuse cases, fact-finders rely heavily on the plaintiff’s credibility.

Survivors of Rape and Sexual Abuse

We understand the unique issues involved in representing survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Each client has his or her unique needs, and our team is committed to helping each client navigate the process and any issues that may arise for survivors. We can help you connect with a support system of counselors and advocates, and we can prepare you for participating in the criminal prosecution of the perpetrator. We know healing from sexual abuse is a complex, multi-dimensional journey, and we believe that empowering abuse victims is the most important part of representing them.

To discuss your legal rights or talk to an experienced sexual abuse attorney about what happened, call us today or fill out our contact form.

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Sexual Abuse Questions?

We Have Answers

What is considered consent?

Consent is an active agreement given before engaging in sexual activity. It doesn’t have to be verbal but it does have to occur. In real life, consent is about communication and should be constantly given throughout the sexual act. Anyone can decide to withdraw consent or change their mind at any time if they are no longer comfortable. Anyone who is intoxicated or unconscious can NOT give consent.

What is considered sexual assault?

Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact that occurs without consent of the victims. Some forms of sexual assault include, but are not limited to:

  • Rape
  • Attempted rape
  • Fondling or unwanted touching
  • Forcing a victim to perform sex
Can I get compensation for sexual assault?

If you or a loved one is the victim of sexual abuse, you may think only about pressing criminal charges. However, the law also entitles you to compensation, which a compassionate and experienced sexual assault attorney can help you pursue.

Though you may feel as if no amount of money can help you overcome the trauma you endured, consider the bigger picture. A monetary award can help you pay for much-needed counseling, ongoing medical expenses, lost wages and costs associated with emotional trauma. Most importantly, your courageousness can send the message to your abuser and others that victims are not without a voice, and that future instances of assault will not go unpunished.

Should I report sexual abuse?

The biggest mistake victims of sexual abuse make is not reporting the violence to a trusted adult or authorities. Though the statute of limitations on molestation cases are flexible, delayed reporting means delayed discovery, meaning much of the would-be-available evidence may be long gone. To ensure the abuser experiences the full wrath of justice, victims should report the violence as soon after it occurs as possible.

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