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What To Do: Hit & Run Accident Lawyers

What Should I do if I Was in a Hit and Run Accident?

Have you been involved in a hit and run accident in New York City?

If New Yorkers are involved in an auto accident, the law requires them to do certain things. These include:

  • Remaining at the scene of the accident
  • Exchanging license and insurance information
  • Providing reasonable assistance to any injured persons.

However, not all drivers abide by these rules and many flee the scene of the accident.  Many hit and run accidents are drivers who flee because they were:

  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Driving without a valid license or insurance
  • Have a warrant out for their arrest.

While these drivers are trying to avoid further trouble, if caught, they can be charged with a first degree misdemeanor up to a third degree felony if there were any fatalities in the accident.

A Driver Fled the Scene, What Should I Do?

Even if the other driver flees, you should still take many of the same steps you would in a regular car accident.  Some steps you want to take include:

  • Do not follow the fleeing driver, as he or she may be drunk or otherwise dangerous.
  • Try to remember and write down the license plate of the fleeing vehicle.  If you cannot get the license plate, write down as much information about the vehicle as possible.  This can help police identify the driver.
  • Call 911 and file an accident report as you would in any other situation.
  • Get the information of any and all witnesses to the accident and write down any information they have that will help identify the vehicle.
  • Take photographs and notes at the scene of the accident to record as much detail regarding the incident and resulting damage as possible.
  • Seek medical attention, diagnosis, and treatment if you suspect you suffered injury.

Taking all of the usual steps following a car accident is highly important in a hit and run accident, as well.  If police do identify the fleeing driver, you want to have as much information possible to hold them responsible for your injuries and damages.

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