My Car Slid on Ice and Hit A Parked Car, Do I Need A Lawyer?

My Car Slid on Ice Hitting a Parked Car!

My Car Slid on Ice and Hit A Parked Car, Do I Need A Lawyer?

Do I Need A Lawyer if I Hit A Parked Car Sliding on Ice

When your car has slid on ice and hit a parked car the first thing you should do is ensure everyone is medically okay. From there, finding the person that owns the parked car would make sense. However, that isn’t always easy here in the city. You might need to have the police get a hold of the person. They can do so based on the license plate of the car.

If this accident occurred in a parking lot, then the people that own the parking lot might be liable. If the parking lot was not maintained as it should be, causing the accident, that is negligence on their part. However, if you were speeding or going too fast for the conditions the accident may fall on you to blame. Likewise, if you are the person that owned the parked car, you will want to know who is to blame. Typically, the owner of the parked car carries no blame at all.

Figuring all this out can be a little tricky. The police will do their investigation, however, we at Daniella Levi and Associates, P.C. do our own investigations to ensure that we fully understand exactly what happened. As an auto accident in Queens, we want to ensure we fully understand what happened.

Auto Accident Attorney in Queens

When looking for an auto accident attorney in Queens you need to keep in mind that we are here to represent you, our client. We will do everything possible to ensure that you are fully represented and get the compensation you deserve. We will take the time to go over the information. It is important to us that we fully understand what actually happened. We investigate to determine if your accident was due to the fault or negligence of another party. As auto accident attorneys in Queens, we want what is best for you and only take on the cases we believe we will win. There is no need for payment until the case is won.

Nobody wants to have an auto accident, however, when it happens, insurances need to pay. Call today for your free, no-obligation consultation, and let’s see what we can do for you.

My Car Slid on Ice and Hit A Parked Car, Do I Need A Lawyer?

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