How to reduce the risk of a slip-and-fall accident

People living and working in New York City may do well to remain cautious regarding their surroundings to minimize the chance of being involved in slip-and-fall accidents. While many such accidents do not result in serious harm, some can cause debilitating and potentially fatal injuries.

Pulled muscles, fractured bones, cuts and brain trauma can all happen due to slips and falls. Individuals in relatively frail health, such as some senior citizens or the disabled, might stand a greater chance of suffering more serious injuries, particularly when environmental factors like a loose carpet on a staircase come into play.

Consistent, watchful behavior is important in reducing the chance of a serious slip-and-fall accident. For instance, during the winter months, pedestrians might wish to be especially careful when walking along sidewalks that may not be fully de-iced, avoiding such areas if possible. People living in homes with children could avoid serious injury to themselves or guests by keeping toys off the floor and away from staircases as often as possible. In homes and work spaces, accidents can be prevented by ensuring that bathrooms, kitchens and other areas with running water are kept dry.

When a business owner or other party fails to take the precautions necessary to avoid a guest’s slip-and-fall accident, the injured person may have a cause for legal action on the basis of premises liability. For instance, a negligent supermarket employee might fail to set up necessary warning markers after mopping, causing a customer to slip and suffer a severe concussion. An attorney representing the injured person might use security camera footage to argue that the employee failed in his or her duty of care, and the company might either face liability for damages or agree to a settlement.

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