Trees and Sidewalk Safety

Many things could potentially create tripping hazards out on sidewalks. Among these are trees and where their roots end up growing. This can be seen in complaints a woman in Brooklyn has leveled regarding a city-planted tree near her home.

Purportedly, the roots of this elm tree have lifted some of the concrete on the sidewalk outside the woman’s home up around two or three inches. The woman has expressed multiple concerns about this, including:

  • Safety concerns: The woman says there have been tripping incidents in relation to a raised edge created by the lifted concrete. Reportedly, the woman has put paint on the edge to try to make it more visible to people.
  • Security concerns: The raised edge purportedly has made it so the woman can no longer fully close the security gate that leads to her home.
  • Legal-related concerns: The woman has expressed worry that the raised concrete might result in accidents that expose her to litigation.

According to the woman, she has made complaints to the city asking it to address the tree and the problems the tree has created. A spokesperson with the city has said that there is a work order out on the site and that the site is on a wait list for repairs. One wonders what the city will end up doing regarding the tree.

The fact that sidewalk dangers can come from many sources can create a range of challenges. As the above story points to, this can include challenges related to keeping sidewalks safe. What sorts of efforts would you like to see New York City take to ensure its conduct, including conduct related to city-planted trees, isn’t resulting in tripping hazards out on sidewalks in the city?

The wide range of potential causes of sidewalk dangers can also create some compensation-related difficulties for individuals hurt as a result of tripping due to a dangerous condition on a sidewalk. It could make it challenging to determine what specifically caused the danger, which could create uncertainty regarding what particular legal options the victim might have in relation to the tripping accident. Skilled attorneys can help such individuals look for evidence that could help add clarity to the situation when it is unclear what caused the accident. Such attorneys can also help tripping accident victims when difficult legal issues come up regarding their efforts to be compensated for their injuries.